Avoid Remodeler’s Remorse—Let The Kitchen Design Center Help You Create a Real Kitchen that Works for You

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

As you plan your kitchen remodel, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that lie ahead. The problem that many people run into during the process is that they often select features and finishes based solely on appearance or popularity, without ever considering how these items will actually work within their lifestyles. For example, marble countertops are indeed stunning, but they also require much more in terms of maintenance and stain easily. Granite is very popular, but finding the right granite slabs in the colors and size you want may be more of a challenge than you thought, and lead to budget shortfalls later. Far too often, within a year of a remodel, homeowners face regrets when they realize that their visons of perfection didn’t match their real, daily lives. At the Kitchen Design Center, our expert knows all too well these dilemmas, which is why we want to help you meld your kitchen dreams into stylish, yet functional reality.

Why Should I Consult With A Designer?

From the types of countertops available, to their pros and cons, our kitchen designers can help you find products that match your vision but will still perform well in your day-to-day life. That marble may be dreamy, but with a large, young, and messy family, you may be bound for future heartache. Our designers, however, can find you alternatives with a similar look but will retain their appearance under real-life conditions. You want gorgeous granite but can’t afford to outfit your whole kitchen? Our designers will show you how you can still incorporate an affordable portion into kitchen designs with islands.

While countertops are just one example, our team specializes in merging your passion and personality into a space that is still fun and functional. We create custom kitchen for any size and budget, and always strive to create spaces that will remain the true centerpiece of your home. As you start planning your remodel, we encourage you to contact us or come down to our showroom, and let us show you why we continue to be a go-to source for top-quality kitchen design services for Orange County.