Plan a Beautiful, Cohesive Kitchen Remodel with The Kitchen Design Center

Most Trusted Kitchen Design Company For A Professional Kitchen Remodel


Have you ever seen a friend or family member’s amateur kitchen remodel and felt, deep down, that it just didn’t come together? When people jump into a kitchen remodel, they often focus on the individual parts, but now how they will come together as a whole. For example, an incredible farm sink may be both beautiful and useful, but will stick out like a sore thumb in decor more appropriate for a sleek, modern kitchen. When starting the process for your own kitchen remodel, the experienced kitchen designers and contracting team at The Kitchen Design Center can help you avoid tunnel-vision mishaps so that your project comes together into a seamless success.

Why is a Kitchen Designer Important for My Remodel?

The most beautiful kitchens blend form and function so that they come together into a cohesive, usable space. A good designer helps you follow basic design principles, yet helps you know when to bend or break those rules as well. For example, traditional kitchens can have cabinet-front appliances, but stainless may not be too much of a detraction when selected carefully. A contemporary kitchen combines sleek lines and finishes, but the right backsplash could give the slightest bit of warmth to the space to prevent feelings of austerity. Our design services are not just about helping you create floor plans and installing cabinets. We want to help you envision and execute a kitchen design that truly reflects your personal tastes without overdoing any single element. We even assist our clients with outdoor kitchen designs that make the most of their space and views.

Beyond our design services, we also create custom cabinetry, and our licensed and bonded contracting team oversees each and every aspect of a project, from planning to execution.

Our full-serve approach saves you time and money because you won’t have to coordinate with multiple suppliers and subcontractors. Our old-fashioned approach to customer services has made us a premier provider of design and remodeling services for over 10 years. Ready to learn more? Contact us and discover why Orange County trusts The Kitchen Design Center for the most beautiful custom kitchens.