Bang for Your Buck? Why a Cheap, Fast Remodel May Hurt Your Home’s Value and Sales Potential

A Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel Adds Value To Your Home


Whether you anticipate selling your home in the future, or simply want to make the most of your remodeling investment, real estate experts agree that kitchens and bathrooms are the key places to address. The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes is absolutely true, but beyond that, they are the single two most high-value areas of your interior. When planned and executed wisely, a smart bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel can transform your home and give its value a well-deserved boost. However, not all remodeling jobs are created equal, and without the right experience, advice, and know-how, you could end up flushing all of those investment dollars right down the drain.

I Plan on Selling My Home—Isn’t a Fast Face-Life Enough?

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen makeovers, the worst thing you can do is slap together a subpar facelift and hope the fresh paint wows prospective buyers. The popularity of home improvement and remodel shows has created a generation of buyers who not only are a great deal more informed and discerning about home improvement, but are also demanding of quality work and finishes. For example, granite countertops or other stone are now expected in even mid-level homes. Your prospective buyers will be able to see past a coat of paint and a new light fixture, and they will be quick to spot a poorly executed amateur job. Likewise, if you select one of those cheap, “one-day” companies for a bathroom remodel, your finishes will give the quality away as soon as people walk in the room. Beyond the potential to turn off buyers, a bad remodel could hurt your home’s value, rather than help it. Just one bad inspection tarnishes your home, especially in a competitive real estate market.

Before you decide on the scope of your remodel, talk to your real estate adviser and see what projects, including their budgets, will give you the biggest return on investment. For example, custom kitchen cabinets may be a significant undertaking, but could they transform your kitchen into the best in the area? What features seem to be the most popular with current prospective buyers? How much value will various projects bring? By being smart, realistic, and conscientious, you can freshen up your home and have it ready for when or if you want to sell.

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